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JCFANS P. • Posted on 1/27/2017 • Death

Let's Please keep Sis. Karen & Family lifted up in Prayer. Her cousin which was her Uncle that Passed away Sunday, daughter passed away this morning, January 26th. Please Pray for Strength & Comfort in their time of bereavement. Thanks

Shirley W. • Posted on 1/22/2017 • Parenthood

I am seeking custody for my grandson. My daughter, the mother of the child passed away and her son lives with me and my son. A case for custody is filed in court and the father who was not in his life wants him now. Please pray that the result works in our favor. will be in my favor

JCFANS P. • Posted on 1/22/2017 • Death

Please keep our Precious Sister Karen Thomas & Family in Prayer for Comfort & Strength, her Uncle passed this morning. Thanks

Karen D. • Posted on 1/19/2017 • General

Pray for Quinn who is needing deliverance,also needs prayer for his upcoming court date in Feb.,we are praying it gets thrown out.
Praying That God be lawyer in the court room.

Karen D. • Posted on 1/19/2017 • General

Pray for healing for Shirley Tomlin she is having problems with her eyes.

Karen T. • Posted on 1/16/2017 • General

Prayer for Alta, blood clots in her lungs, she is in stable condition and also her husband Matt as she recovers

Sherry M. • Posted on 1/13/2017 • Thanksgiving

Good morning this is sister sherry. From minnesota need prayer fir my daughter jaton ward had surgery on stomack and now having complications with diegestions. With everything please pray saint for recovery thank you their feedind her by tube.

Tenise K. • Posted on 1/12/2017 • Suicide

Please pray for the Theodule family. A loved one committed suicide last March...pray for peace of mind for mom, sisters, & brothers...
And for their salvation.

Anonymous • Posted on 1/10/2017 • Salvation

I know I am out of fellowship with the Lord. I am in a state of fornication. I have never experienced a misery such as this. I know what I do is a dishonor to the Lord and I stink before Him. Yet, I still fornicate with this particular individual. It is like I am drawn to the mysteriousness. Please pray for me for I am in bondage. It's like I am in a toggle war with doing right and doing wrong

donna m. • Posted on 1/10/2017 • General

prayer request from donna
please lift up aunts nephew, robert page and his wife and children he is in final stages of a long battle with cancer
Lord asking for deliverance and healing

please keep rashelle in prayer her doctors called her back to the hospital...blood count is dropping unknown why, had to have blood transfusion this evening ..Lord you always have a plan and I trust and love you Jesus