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Chucky C. • Posted on 8/6/2017 • Career

Pray for me to have peace on my job. Also for my niece Tonija to get a apartment for her and her family. Also pray for my Mama and the entire Currie family! Thank You!!!

JCFANS P. • Posted on 8/5/2017 • Death

Prayer Request from Sis. Tenise:

Please Pray for the Cooper family. Mrs. Cooper found her son deceased two days ago. He was only 34 and was my brother Stennis' very good friend.

Chucky C. • Posted on 8/5/2017 • General

Please keep me in prayer, I want to own my own business, trouble at job. Thank you. God knows my troubles.

Tracy B. • Posted on 8/1/2017 • Crisis

Pray for salvation and restoration of my family. Children's name are Ailysa, PJ, Jar'lel and Phaedra. Experiencing last days prophecy in their attitudes and thinking.

Jeanette R. • Posted on 7/31/2017 • General

Please keep my family lifted up in prayer. My husband is in need of a job and our family has to find another home by Sept.30.
Thank you.

Anonymous • Posted on 7/31/2017 • General

Please pray for Sis. Karen Ballard-Due, she was having pain in her right hand and her blood pressure was high.

Also, pray for her son son-in-law Eugene, her tests came back not good.

Thank you

JCFANS P. • Posted on 7/29/2017 • General

Prayer request from Sis. Lynette:

Please keep Gene's sister Nancy Wood in Prayer, she has cancer. Please pray for healing & salvation. Thanks

. • Posted on 7/28/2017 • General

pray for me I'm going through a lot of hardship I'm sick (hepatitis) own a bank a debt , haven't paid my school fees school drop out,my boss want to close the shop please pray for me

JCFANS P. • Posted on 7/27/2017 • General

Prayer Request from Bro. Carl:

Please Pray for Alejandro Rodrigues for salvation, his heart has low pressure.

Hazel B. • Posted on 7/26/2017 • General

Please pray for my sister-in-law Jean. She suffered a stroke.