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Barbara C. • Posted on 1/22/2019 • General

Sudden infant death syndrom took the Drummond family precious 5 month old baby girl. Pray for their comfort and a financial blessings for medical and burriel.

Lynette W. • Posted on 1/21/2019 • General

Prayer request from Sis. Lynette:
Please keep My niece Theresa in your PRAYERS ðYTðY¾ She had a stroke Sunday morning. They did a couple of surgeries and she's in critical condition. Thanks.

Lajuanna B. • Posted on 1/20/2019 • General

Praise The Lord! Tim Eaton passed away please pray for his wife and existing family (he didnâ??t have any children).

roxane h. • Posted on 1/16/2019 • General

Please keep Daddy Giles left in prayer having a serious issue with his legs

Lynette W. • Posted on 1/16/2019 • Death

Please keep Prophetess Diane Palmer Family & our Special Pastor Roxane in your Prayers. Pastor Roxane's Special friend and our Sister in Christ whom we all grew to love, Prophetess Diane passed away this morning.

Tracy B. • Posted on 1/16/2019 • Miscellaneous

Pray for my friend Adrienne who is trying to save her home after a broken relationship and for salvation of the Lord.

Barbara C. • Posted on 1/15/2019 • General

Darlene Martin is fighting cancer

Jennifer R. • Posted on 1/14/2019 • General

Alfredâ??s physical healing after breaking his leg in a motorcycle accident, fatty liver and diverticulitis in the intestines, arrhythmia and ultimately spiritual transformation that changes his life and the life of others to the Glory of Jesus

Karen D. • Posted on 1/11/2019 • General


Lajuanna B. • Posted on 1/11/2019 • General

Praise The Lord Saints! Please remember my mom, Ms. Hazel in prayer. Pray for her to receive the Holy Ghost. And pray for her health and strength. She's been taking care of my Dad for a long time and I see the wear on her.