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Anonymous • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Salvation

Pray for the young lady from St. Louis who was on the am Prayer line on Wed, Aug 6, who wanted to be Saved. ( I think her name was Tanisha). Pray that She gets filled with the HOLY GHOST with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues. Also pray that God will give her a Pastor after God's own heart which will feed her with knowledge and understanding.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Salvation

Angela from Charlotte wants to receive the Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Praise

I am thanking God for all that he is about to do. I am thanking Him for Salvation, not only for my house but worldwide. I am thanking him for opening all the right doors in My family's life. Divine protection for my house (the children & babies)and others worldwide. I thank Him that all of My needs and those of my household are met in Jesus Name!

Mary B. • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Crisis

Please pray for Helen in NY for healing.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Crisis

Please Pray for baby Anastasia's miraculous healing and recovery. note ****Please add healing to your prayer category. Thank you

Tyra L. • Posted on 8/8/2014 • General

This is Tyra.
Please pray for Zaydee Lopez, she is a little girl who is betting cancer.

Prayer Answered!

Friday, August 8, 2014: She is battling cancer

JCFANS P. • Posted on 8/6/2014 • General

Request from Morning Prayer:

Please Keep Tenika lifted up in Prayer, for complete surrender to Jesus.

Karen D. • Posted on 8/6/2014 • Depression

Depression trying to take over and praying for marriage.

Karen D. • Posted on 8/6/2014 • General

Prayer for healing mentally and physically . Still praying for Stephani and Eugene, April, KJ, Quinn,Steven,Coby and Jason.
Salvation for Kenneth and Jeanette,healing for Greg Moore and Lisa Rainey. Prayer for Thornton.

nataki f. • Posted on 8/5/2014 • Depression

Hi saints i need prayer from the attack of the enemy i have bipolar and some times i am doing well and other times i am fighting with all i got and i have been fighting forgiving people that i no that have been doing things to make my life hell here on earth please keep me in prayer as well as matthew he has a growth that has been there for a long time need prayer on that as well i thank you for all you do
GOD Bless