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JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/22/2015 • Death

Please keep Bro. Maurice, Sis. Toni & Family and also Bro. Maurice's Mother in Prayer. Bro. Maurice Father passed away this morning Oct. 22, 2015.

Please pray for Strength and Comfort for now and in the days ahead. Thanks!

JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/16/2015 • General

Urgent Prayer request from Pastor Roxane:

Prayer request for Tavio and his step mother. She is in the hospital ICU with seizures. Pray for healing, strength for her family and deliverance.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/14/2015 • General

Emergency Prayer request from Sis. Felicia:

Pray for Ja'Nay Kenner. She gave birth to a baby girl on Friday and is in the hospital today for borderline seizures and high blood pressure.

Thank you

Toni D. • Posted on 10/12/2015 • Salvation

Lau family & Nunes family
...for complete healing; receive the Holy Ghost and baptism in Jesus name!!

Toni D. • Posted on 10/12/2015 • Petition

TY for your prayers for Maurice and family! Continue lifting up his daddy, whose health is unstable. He's in Critical Care, for the moment. Bless Jesus for moving on hearts and for showing us His STRONG Love (and mercy) in wonderful ways! We rejoice in His perfect peace!

Toni D. • Posted on 10/12/2015 • General

Please pray for mcgrandle family - Lyme's Disease is persisting in their family. Ty for your prayers of healing!

Anonymous • Posted on 10/8/2015 • Miscellaneous

Need a special prayer for my friend Douglas Tavarez, although he seeks the Lord; his cowardliness in standing up to others trying to control his life doesn't allow him to follow the Lord's will for him (he admits it) he still fears his father (even being an adult man) and is trapped. There is also a woman from his past that occasionally pops up and may have the Jezebel spirit in her (trying to lure and seduce him)- further contributing to Douglas' inability to break free and listen ONLY to what the Lord is tell him to do, and follow him despite what others around him are telling him to do.

Marjorie G. • Posted on 10/7/2015 • General

I have surgery on both eyes and they still had inflammation and high eye pressure levels Praising Jesus that all my blood work and chest x-Ray came back normal. Thank you for your prayers.

Sheila B. • Posted on 10/5/2015 • General

questing prayerfor Charlie Davis tomico mccoy, Quanisha Ashford, Ronnie Green,Lenious bryant, sandy bryant, Diane bryant, Deborah bryant, Alex browning, Rodney gGreen, to bring us closer together in a closer walk with the Lord.My Faith Sheila. THANK YOU GOD BLESS

Karen D. • Posted on 10/4/2015 • General

Praying for KJ who has a court date Oct 15, praying that God gives the lawyer what to say and that the charges get dropped. Praying for his friend Kenny who also goes to court as well. They both need your prayers!