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Lajuanna B. • Posted on 4/2/2020 • General

Praise The Lord! Please pray for Ashley Mcknight's family. Her dad has been diagnosed with Pneumonia, and her mom has diabetes. Her and her sister are very concerned for their parents health.

Tracy B. • Posted on 3/24/2020 • Crisis

Pray for Cheryl Williams, long time sister friend who just discovered she had cancer from God granting a appendix attack. God is amazing and She is a believer.

david d. • Posted on 3/22/2020 • Crisis

my name is dave i seen your site onlinei could use your help for prayer
i have 2  requests that are private if you can pray about
can you pray against with craft sent out at me and my family
and pray for the 3 members of my family

Roxane H. • Posted on 3/18/2020 • General

Prayer request from Mother Turner

Pray for her daughter, Anita. Head of doctors at hospital.
Pray for the needed help, health and wisdom to do the job.
Pray for all the health care workers for needed supplies and worker to help.
also pray that Jesus will touch her knees and give her strength

Lajuanna B. • Posted on 3/15/2020 • General

Praise The Lord! Please pray for my Aunt Leslie. She's been battling cancer for a long time and now it has returned and has spread to her brain.

And please pray for my mom, Hazel to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be delivered of the sinus infection she's had for months now.

Felicia W. • Posted on 3/14/2020 • Death

Requesting your prayers for the Viney family Vickie and
Damon. Also De’Shion, Service for Davion is Monday March 16th at 11am. They also lost two other family members within three days of each other. One was Murdered in Oakland only 30 years old. Please lift this family up before our God. Thank you

Tracy B. • Posted on 3/12/2020 • General

Phaedra my daughter is pregnant with my first Grand. Pray for God's will for our relationship and healthy birth of my grandson Landen. I want to be Strong in the power of His might.

Roxane H. • Posted on 3/11/2020 • Death

Please keep the family of Sister Tonya lifted in your prayers, her husband Randy and daughter China as they prepare to make her final arrangements

Karen D. • Posted on 3/11/2020 • General

prayers for Sister Morrison and Sister Hunter.

Karen D. • Posted on 3/11/2020 • General

pray for Sister Princess family she passed on Sunday 03/08/2020