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Willie H. • Posted on 9/1/2017 • General

Pray for Marcita cancer 3-4 mo. To live also for salvation she just got to the right church

Anonymous • Posted on 9/1/2017 • Miscellaneous

Please pray for Brother Paul Lansing. Going thru marital and financial issues that keep him discouraged and heavily burdened.

E. Kay M. • Posted on 9/1/2017 • General

Please add brother Erving Washington to the prayer list, it's my understanding on yesterday (8/30/17) that he had a major stroke and it's believed that a blood vessel burst in his brain and he had to have an emergency surgery so lift him up in prayer and his family...God is able!
Peace and Blessings

JCFANS P. • Posted on 8/30/2017 • General

Urgent Prayer Requests
from Elder Louise for her classmates:

1. Annie Turner-Hall needs prayer for 1:30 pm appointment for Thursday, August 31, 2017 examine a lump in her breast. Pray Jesus gives her a complete healing victory.

2. Marlon Green has been given 3 months to live. He has a heart congestion & an inoperable potential aneurism which may erupt which the doctors diagnosed anytime. We are praying for a miraculous healing
as only Jesus can do.

3. James Harvey is recovering from cellulitis causing septicemia in one leg. He is learning how to walk again. Asking prayer for Jesus to grant full healing and restoration.

4. Oreana Pinkney-Bragg lost her father. Please pray for the Family peace, comfort, renewed joy, strength, deliverance, salvation,and love now and in the days ahead.

Caleb D. • Posted on 8/30/2017 • Death

Please pray for my friend Savannah. She lost a friend in a sudden car crash and it has hit her tremendously hard. Pray for the family and all those that were affected by this lost - That God would be the true comforter in their lives - That he would touch, heal, and save them.

Sandra C. • Posted on 8/28/2017 • General

Please pray for South Texas and Louisiana as the flooding continues to wreak havoc in some our cities. We are praying for strength of First Responders, FEMA, Leadership to make smart decisions and Jehovah Jireh's restoration. THANK YOU!!!

Tracy B. • Posted on 8/28/2017 • Crisis

My dad Ted Morris was admitted into the hospital for losing mobility skills. They want to put him in rehab but he doesn't want that kind of care. Pray for his spirit to fight and do what is best.

Prayer Answered!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017: He is in rehab and feeling encouraged. He understands why he is there and wants to do the work to go home. Thank you!

Tracy B. • Posted on 8/28/2017 • Crisis

Sis Sylvia is requesting prayer for her son's fianc�© for she has been given only 3 months to live.

E. Kay M. • Posted on 8/24/2017 • General

Please add to JCFANs prayer list... Please pray for all the people who are being displaced (homeless) in the State of California and in this Nation. Thank you

Karen D. • Posted on 8/24/2017 • General

Please keep me in prayer I am still having pain in my right hand and wrist and some swelling, right foot which is Achilles tendonitis. praying for money to be released from my car accident a year and a half ago, give the lawyer wisdom and that the ladies insurance releases my finances. AMEN!!