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Tracy B. • Posted on 10/28/2022 • General

Pray for Gail Jordon for upcoming surgery and salvation

Tracy B. • Posted on 10/13/2022 • Crisis

Pray for Giovanna Desimone for stage 5 kidney cancer healing and drawing closer to the Lord in this season

Tenise K. • Posted on 10/3/2022 • General

Byron has been diagnosed with cancer, which has supposedly spread into his bones.
Please pray for Healing & hope in Byron James body, that God would give him a few more years.'
And, pray for strength in Hazel James.

Jcfans .. • Posted on 9/28/2022 • General

Prayer request from Nena

Please keep Demetrius Wells and his mother Antoinette in your prayers. Demetrius has been paralyzed by gun violence, life altering for his entire family.

Tracy B. • Posted on 9/19/2022 • General

Desmond steward for heart surgery. A minister on Christ

Tracy B. • Posted on 8/21/2022 • Crisis

Roman Rodriguez Sr., 85 fell and broke his hip-pray for salvation and healing

Tenise K. • Posted on 8/18/2022 • General

Raiah Currie is part of a 1st time ever study for Stem Cell replacement at Stanford Hospital… The procedure has already taken place. Please pray for complete healing and for the stem cells to do what they are supposed to do—in the name of Jesus.

Tenise K. • Posted on 7/29/2022 • General

Please pray Complete Healing [from covid] for my auntie, Debbie & and for my long time friend Anthony James.

Tracy B. • Posted on 7/20/2022 • General

Please pray for my election at my job and that when I meet with people that the Lord will use me amd I shine a light towards them

Tracy B. • Posted on 7/20/2022 • Crisis

Pray for Gerald Burns for cancer at stage 4-he needs healing and salvation