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Deleted User • Posted on 6/27/2014 • General

Pray for my mom, Mother Gardner. She's back in the hospital. Pray that all of my brothers and sisters would be saved and run after Jesus.

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Anonymous • Posted on 6/27/2014 • General

Hi, Thank God for this Priceless Ministry. I desire prayer for the world, that they may know HIM. The babies, little boys, and girls who are being aborted, sexually & physically abused. Those who are kidnapped and used in sex trade industries. The poor, and those who are starving to death. The jobless, the homeless. Salvation and healing for my household. The right job for me. All those involved or tricked into selling their souls in the entertainment industry. I want God to nullify the contracts. I want him to rescue and deliver the children of the Godly and others. Finally, that God will open doors for me to get His Work done.

Ebony H. • Posted on 6/27/2014 • General

Asking for prayer for my family and our finances. Praying the LORD will bless my husband and I with a job. Praying that the LORD will cover and protect my marriage as we go through this test and trial together.

Marjorie G. • Posted on 6/24/2014 • General

Please lift my cousin Cheryl in prayer. Her feet began to swell and her blood test were abnormal. She us at the hospital taking more test.

Maurice D. • Posted on 6/24/2014 • Death

Please keep the family of Thomas Jackson lifted up. He lost him mother on yesterday.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 6/23/2014 • General

Please keep Mother Gardner lifted up in Prayer for healing. Thanks.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 6/23/2014 • General

Prayer Request from Bro. Carl:

Please Pray for my next door neighbor Pamela Meek she has sore all over and she is loosing weight rapidly. Thank you.

Marjorie G. • Posted on 6/23/2014 • General

Judy Wells has asked to keep her brother, Donnie & family in prayer. His sarcoidosis has caused scar tissue on his lungs and damage to his heart and is in intensive care Judy is leaving for Chicago today, so please keep her in prayer for safe travels. In his name.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 6/20/2014 • General

Prayer Request From Pastor W. Harper

Please pray for Bill Walls and family. His wife had and is recovering from hip surgery & broke her femur as the nerve in her would not respond & she slips and falls & broke her leg. Bill is experiencing extreme back issues. Thank you.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 6/18/2014 • General

Prayer Request from Sis. Lynette:

Please keep Mother Williams lifted up in Prayer, she's in the hospital because she's having trouble walking with her walker. Thank you

Prayer Answered!

Monday, June 23, 2014: Mother Williams is Home...THANK YOU JESUS!!