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Anonymous • Posted on 5/4/2015 • Miscellaneous

Please pray for Odessa, who suffers with cancer. Pray for two sisters, Yoshika & Ashley who are in dire need of heart circumcision and healing, and more...

Marjorie G. • Posted on 4/28/2015 • General

Please pray for Stacie McKinley who was just diagnosed with cancer.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 4/28/2015 • General

Prayer Request from Bro. Carl:

Please Pray that God grant me favor in my court case concerning my children. Thanks.

Karen T. • Posted on 4/27/2015 • General

Asking for prayer for Benita Thomas my Mother she had a a seizure this morning. She's home resting now, The Doctor says this is common in dementia / Alzheimer patients Thank You Sis Karen

Jcfans .. • Posted on 4/22/2015 • General

Prayer request from Nena
My daughter Nika's sister in law is going into emergency surgery because they found blood clots in her lungs and legs
She is in college so she is a young girl
Chelsea is her name

Tyra L. • Posted on 4/17/2015 • General

Please pray for me


JCFANS P. • Posted on 4/13/2015 • General

Prayer request from Bro. Carl..

Please keep my coworkers granddaughter in Prayer, her name is Arianna Liao she has autism.

Jcfans .. • Posted on 4/13/2015 • General

Prayer From Sis K
Pls pray 4 my family.
My other brother found dead last nite. The one diagnosed w/cancer.

Please left up the entire family

Lutrician J. • Posted on 4/7/2015 • Praise

Praise the Lord Saints!
I want to thank all who upheld me before the Lord. I got results back and my hemoglobin level increased to 7.5. Although still an anemic, no blood transfusion was ordered. Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah to His precious Holy Name.

My Doc said to continue with what I am doing and follow-up in 4 weeks to check hemoglobin levels again. Please believe with me that on my next appointment my level will be a 12, which is normal level.

In Jesus Name.

Sheila B. • Posted on 4/3/2015 • General

Hello. Prayer warriors MY name is Sheila iam requesting prayer for MY family especially my grandson Charlie. This is the anniversary day that Charlie has gotten robbed and shot over a hat,phone. Which another gentleman was also shot BUT NOT so fortunate my prayers goes out to the Quinn family, who lost there son due to this senselessccrime. THANK YOU.