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Marjorie G. • Posted on 10/7/2015 • General

I have surgery on both eyes and they still had inflammation and high eye pressure levels Praising Jesus that all my blood work and chest x-Ray came back normal. Thank you for your prayers.

Sheila B. • Posted on 10/5/2015 • General

questing prayerfor Charlie Davis tomico mccoy, Quanisha Ashford, Ronnie Green,Lenious bryant, sandy bryant, Diane bryant, Deborah bryant, Alex browning, Rodney gGreen, to bring us closer together in a closer walk with the Lord.My Faith Sheila. THANK YOU GOD BLESS

Karen D. • Posted on 10/4/2015 • General

Praying for KJ who has a court date Oct 15, praying that God gives the lawyer what to say and that the charges get dropped. Praying for his friend Kenny who also goes to court as well. They both need your prayers!

Karen D. • Posted on 10/4/2015 • General

Pray for Jasmine Long who will be going in for a kidney transplant.Please lift her up for a full recovery.

Karen T. • Posted on 10/1/2015 • General

Camille chest pain she is going for a test, they saw something on her EKG praying for a miss read due to bad equipment
Hasan that his finger heals by the time he goes for surgery to get pins in the pinky finger he needs salvation the old fashion way where he will speak for hours and I am very serious thank you in advance in Jesus name!

Marjorie G. • Posted on 9/30/2015 • General

My niece was informed this morning that it is a possibility that she and the other AT&T contractors jobs in Georgia may be filled with permanent employees. She won't know the final outcome until next week. I ask for prayer that God will keep her and the other contractors employed. Thank you Jesus.

Maurice D. • Posted on 9/25/2015 • Death

Please lift up my cousin Tracy Moore. His wife Georgia died to day. Thanks so much for you prayers

Tamarr W. • Posted on 9/24/2015 • General

Please pray for my sister Janelle Ellis for deliverance from Crack cocaine. And for me Tamarr Williams for deliverance from cigarette smoking. I listen to your prayer line daily and it has truly blessed my life. We live in Richmond, Va. Thank you. 804 502 4445 est

JCFANS P. • Posted on 9/21/2015 • General

Prayer Request from Pastor Roxane:

Pray for Nino Solomon. Qiavas friend paralyzed from waist down. Lifting weights and dropped 300 lbs on himself.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 9/21/2015 • General

Prayer Request From Pastor Roxane:

Please continue to keep Sister Denise lifted up in Prayer for healing.