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Dwuan J. • Posted on 11/2/2015 • General

That i recieve $12,000 to finish fixing my house so it can come out of condemnation and have the finances to fix my truck at $2000 so i can get back and forth to work lost my job because i coudn't get to work

Prayer Answered!

Monday, November 2, 2015: this was for my friend nathaniel but he put his request thru personally

Dwuan J. • Posted on 11/2/2015 • Money

i have alot of debts and my property taxes that need to be paid so i dont lose my house...I need restoration

JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/30/2015 • General

Prayer Request from Pastor Roxane:

Please pray for Bro Martin from Augusta. His wife is in ICU.

Felicia W. • Posted on 10/28/2015 • General

Please pray for my great aunt Jean. Her cancer has returned again, this time in her throat and its terminal. The doctors say she doesn't have a lot of time.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/26/2015 • General

Prayer request from Sis Lynette:

Please keep Ann my 91 year old sister in your Prayers, she's in the hospital and not doing to good. Thanks

Terry B. • Posted on 10/23/2015 • General

I have had pain in my back and leg for a week and it has been getting increasingly worse. I have a doctors appoint this morning. I am expecting healing! I believe in the power of prayer!

JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/22/2015 • Death

Please keep Bro. Maurice, Sis. Toni & Family and also Bro. Maurice's Mother in Prayer. Bro. Maurice Father passed away this morning Oct. 22, 2015.

Please pray for Strength and Comfort for now and in the days ahead. Thanks!

JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/16/2015 • General

Urgent Prayer request from Pastor Roxane:

Prayer request for Tavio and his step mother. She is in the hospital ICU with seizures. Pray for healing, strength for her family and deliverance.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 10/14/2015 • General

Emergency Prayer request from Sis. Felicia:

Pray for Ja'Nay Kenner. She gave birth to a baby girl on Friday and is in the hospital today for borderline seizures and high blood pressure.

Thank you

Toni D. • Posted on 10/12/2015 • Salvation

Lau family & Nunes family
...for complete healing; receive the Holy Ghost and baptism in Jesus name!!