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Anonymous • Posted on 8/14/2014 • Crisis

Please pray for my mom, she was in the ER today with chest pain. She is battling some health issues right now and is really sick. Thank you.

Leslie M. • Posted on 8/13/2014 • Thanksgiving

Very thankful that Shawntay Willis who attended Women's Retreat 2014 with us just got her PRAISE REPORT! There is no breast cancer in her as she feared - she's been cleared by doctors as well. Thank You Jesus!

Anonymous • Posted on 8/12/2014 • Depression

Please pray for me, my name is Patricia from NYC, and my friend I have has various hardships within the last few months, lost , job, would like a companion to form a family and recently have been tormented by anxiety due to friendship quarrels. My faith and hope are deteriorating and crumbling. I would like prayer for my friends Giselle Penya whom i am having friendship problems with and Crystal nieves who seems to let her aggression and jealousy run rampant and uses it to start turmoil and gossip. The enemy has made me feel helpless, worthless and have nothing to look forward to.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/11/2014 • General

Please pray for deliverance for Sis. Kaye's friend.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/11/2014 • Petition

Please pray for Keon as he undergo surgery. We are asking that Jesus guides the surgeon's hands, and bestow on him a quick and miraculous recovery.

Mary B. • Posted on 8/10/2014 • Death

Please lift up ALL our BLACK YOUTH, particularly our YOUNG MEN, and the POLICE. Police gunned down an 18 yr. old unarmed young man, shooting him approx. 9 times. His body lay in the street. He had just graduated from high school and was starting business college on Monday. Please pray for his family and the community as we peacefully seek answers

Anonymous • Posted on 8/9/2014 • Praise

God, through the Power of the Holy Ghost blessed Pastor Harper to speak on the Holy Ghost. One dear sister (a regular am prayer line supporter)received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues and others are desiring to receive HIM! Praise God!

Anonymous • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Salvation

Pray for the young lady from St. Louis who was on the am Prayer line on Wed, Aug 6, who wanted to be Saved. ( I think her name was Tanisha). Pray that She gets filled with the HOLY GHOST with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues. Also pray that God will give her a Pastor after God's own heart which will feed her with knowledge and understanding.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Salvation

Angela from Charlotte wants to receive the Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/8/2014 • Praise

I am thanking God for all that he is about to do. I am thanking Him for Salvation, not only for my house but worldwide. I am thanking him for opening all the right doors in My family's life. Divine protection for my house (the children & babies)and others worldwide. I thank Him that all of My needs and those of my household are met in Jesus Name!