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Lynette W. • Posted on 1/8/2022 • General

Please keep my nieces Denise & Rosita in Prayer, they have the coronavirus.. Thanks

Tracy B. • Posted on 1/6/2022 • Career

Continue to pray for my employment legal matter for favor.

Tracy B. • Posted on 1/6/2022 • Crisis

Pray for my Mom, Claudette Morris, who us recovering from a fall in the hospital and for salvation

Prayer Answered!

Wednesday, April 6, 2022: Passed on 2/26/2022

Michele W. • Posted on 1/4/2022 • General

Please pray for the Watts and Stevenson families for healing and recovery from Covid.
Thank you,
Michele Watts

Roxane H. • Posted on 12/15/2021 • General

prayer request from Sig

pray for his Friend Lorell and her mother Loretta for complete healing

Lynette W. • Posted on 12/8/2021 • Death

Please keep Sis. Barbara Williams & Family lifted up in Prayer..She loss her son Kobie Saturday..

Lynette W. • Posted on 12/7/2021 • General

Please keep my brother Lawrence in Prayer.. He got the Coronavirus..

He Pastors a church in Mississippi..

Prayer Answered!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021: My brother Lawrence passed away last night. Please keep his wife Mary that also have the coronavirus in Prayer for Healing,Strength and comfort. Please keep his children lifted up also.. Thanks

Lynette W. • Posted on 12/4/2021 • Death

Prayer Request from Sis Barbara Williams;

Pray for Tillman and Williams family.
My son Kobie Tillman was shot and killed yesterday Dec. New Orleans La

Let's please Keep our Precious Sis. Barbara and Dear Family lifted in Prayer..

Matthew 5:4
4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Tracy B. • Posted on 11/10/2021 • General

Pray for victory over the legal matter from wrongful termination that has a hearing on 11/22. Justice in His name!

Tracy B. • Posted on 11/10/2021 • General

Please pray for my daughter Phaedra and her mental health that God will block the spirit that keeps her isolating from those who love her.