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Maurice D. • Posted on 8/10/2015 • General

Thank you for your prayers, saints!
Prayer request for our friend Mrs. Kimball:
constant nerve pain in neck & constant headaches, also just diagnosed with tick-bourne infection/disease (cousin of Lyme's) - pray for divine miraculous healing (lack of insurance so all her hope is in Jesus); for wisdom (insight & understanding) in decisions; for her to keep a good attitude & not get discouraged; for salvation- Holy Ghost to fill her up

JCFANS P. • Posted on 8/7/2015 • General

Prayer Request from Pastor Roxane:

My sister Inlaw Jackie had another stroke today. Please pray for her and Pastor Harper's brother Gene and family.

Maurice D. • Posted on 8/5/2015 • General

Praise the lord saints. Just as for your touching and agreeing in the following prayers:
Robert Dowdell (my father) for complete healing particularly concerning pneumonia and fluid build up. Complete deliverance for mama as well
Kathy for shoulder issue
Neighbor on Alexander st in Pleasanton for favor on Job
Other neighbors on Alexander st in Pleasanton for revelation and understanding.
Sam in Tracy for healing and deliverance

Marjorie G. • Posted on 8/4/2015 • General

Please prayer for healing for my nephew Darrell Walker He has been in the hospital for over two weeks. Thank you

Prayer Answered!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015: Thank you for your prayers. Although Darrell is still in the hospital, he is showing daily improvement and Prayerfully, he can return to Oakland in a week or so. It has been a journey, but Darrell is thanking God everyday.

Karen D. • Posted on 8/4/2015 • General

Please pray for me,I am having the pain again in my neck and head.

Maurice D. • Posted on 8/3/2015 • General

Please pray for God's intervention:
Sandra - healing Lyme's Disease
Cathy - healing infection
Cindy - healing (peace of mind - father in hospice), and family issues
Amanda - healing endometriosis

Stephani f. • Posted on 8/2/2015 • General

Hello!!! please pray for the Fortune family. Eugene: for the challenges he's facing and for a closer relationship with God. Also, for his business to continue to grow. For me, I request for emotional strength at work and rest... With my schedule my days can get tough, so as I pray just request for that extra support of prayer to get through

Philondria C. • Posted on 8/1/2015 • General

My husband and I are doing a prayer and worship revival for the city of Natchez, Ms. Our names are Michael and Philondria Credit.

Michael C. • Posted on 7/29/2015 • General

Praise the Lord everyone,am asking for prayer for my wife,Lonnie Credit,she is having sharp pains on the right side of her body

Marjorie G. • Posted on 7/28/2015 • General

Please pray for Nikki Jacobs and her job situation. Her company has been bought out by a larger firm and on Friday, she will know if she will be affected.