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Carol M. • Posted on 6/12/2018 • General

Please pray for the Bailey family. The daughter of Donny and Vanessa was killed in a horrible car crash yesterday. Pray for peace, comfort and deliverance. The family is devastated.

Lewis J. • Posted on 6/11/2018 • General

I need prayer for GERD, tinnitus, eustachian tube dysfunction, high blood pressure and GOD'S GRACE on my esophagus despite the enemies out assault on it. Thanks for your prayers, energy, effort, time and concern.

Barbara C. • Posted on 6/11/2018 • General

Dr's fear cancer has returned to Melynda's body.She is in the midst of testing.

Maurice D. • Posted on 6/11/2018 • Crisis

Pray for Kimball family: SALVATION & HEALING
Mom was hospitalized worrying about Dad, who is in critical care (heart and possible brain issues). Was coma induced but he is now awake and asking for his wife. :) Daughter asked specifically for his salvation; pls pray for ALL of them, in JESUS name!
Thank you!

Jcfans .. • Posted on 6/7/2018 • General

Praying for children worldwide, praying for parents to be awakened to the subtle devices the enemy uses against our children to steal, kill and destroy.
Praying for our government, and praying for Israel.

Chucky C. • Posted on 6/5/2018 • General

Please pray for my family and special prayers for Debbie, Carlitha, Tonija, Derrick who is still missing in action. Also for me, God already knows my needs and desires. Extra prayers for my Mama and Reggie.Thank you very much!
God Bless!

Karen D. • Posted on 6/4/2018 • General

Please pray for April will be getting induced on the 6th of June the baby has not come yet so keep her in your prayers and keep baby in in your prayers keep us all in prayer in Jesus name

Barbara C. • Posted on 5/29/2018 • General

Willie Taylor has been suffering with prostate cancer for 18 yrs. He's been transfered to hospice.

Tracy B. • Posted on 5/15/2018 • General

Diane Burt I heard passed away while I have been away on travels. Pray for her family while they mourn her loss. Also I am traveling home today and refreshed and ready to deal with battles I left behind. I want the Lord to reveal His will for my journey.

Barbara C. • Posted on 5/10/2018 • General

Baby Hernandez is one yrs old. She has been hospitalized.Epilepsy is suspected.