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Leslie M. • Posted on 11/10/2014 • Salvation

Orson Jackson - Acts 2:38. Baptism in Jesus Name

Anonymous • Posted on 11/10/2014 • Death

Pray for Myles Monroe's children, grandchildren, and other family members in the loss of their esteemed father and mother Mrs. Ruth Monroe in a plane crash on Sunday.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 11/7/2014 • General

JCFANS Saints, Please pray for my son Amadi Kelley for restoration of sight in his right eye. It is blurry right now
Sister/Elder Louise

Barbara C. • Posted on 11/5/2014 • General

My neighbors brother, been in ICU for a week.

Gods favor
*Stockton Unified school district. Talk of strike. If strike occurs our precious teacher's wont get paid until resolved.

*Charlotte (Mom)
World reports her condition is as follows:
Heart disease, Leaukemia,high cholesterol & Diabetes


Tyra L. • Posted on 11/2/2014 • General

Please pray for my co-worker Caroline. She has messed up her back, Dr's told her they have to do a surgery Nov 13th that has paralysis risks, even death. It has to be done, she is numb in many places already. She has already gotten her life will, estate together, she is worried for her daughter jade. Her whole life is her daughter.
I've prayed with her in the conference room, and just by myself.
Please pray for her also. Please keep this on the list..

Jackie E. • Posted on 10/30/2014 • General

Plz pray for Eric Barnett that has walking pneumonia. Pray for sister-in-law that have been suffering from mental break down.

Karen D. • Posted on 10/30/2014 • General

Continue to pray for Stephani Due that God touches her body and she have a safe delivery and bless the baby as well.

Karen D. • Posted on 10/30/2014 • General

Pray for Eunique Buckley for salvation and deliverance. Pray for her son as well.

Deleted User • Posted on 10/29/2014 • General

Pray for Tambi that God will give her comfort and peace. We are still praying for her healing. Pray for Stephanie, Bambi, and Ms Mary and the entire family.

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Koku A. • Posted on 10/28/2014 • General

Pray for me