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Barbara C. • Posted on 4/6/2018 • Praise

I've been boarderline diabetic for 3 yrs. Lab tests reveal I am back in normal range. Hallelujah!

donna m. • Posted on 4/5/2018 • General


Can you please add my dad to the prayer requests for the week he is going to have some tests this weekend

Karen D. • Posted on 4/5/2018 • General

asking for prayer for healing my right hand and arm flared back up with pain and swelling.

Felicia W. • Posted on 4/4/2018 • Crisis

Hello Saint's, Requesting your prayers
From Seattle WA,for Nina's Grandchildren's Mother Samunique. Sam's grandfather is in the hospital in critical condition in Seattle Washington. Praying for salvation, healing and deliverance. Thank you

Barbara C. • Posted on 4/3/2018 • General

Yolanda needs favor as she looks for a place to live with bad credit.

Chucky C. • Posted on 3/30/2018 • Money

Please pray for me, I need a better living situation. My landlords are trying to rip me off. This has been going on for years. It has been difficult to keep up. I have my receipts but she didn't look at them. Well God has a plan. He has the final say. That's why we pray. Amen.

Barbara C. • Posted on 3/30/2018 • General

Barbara Martinez asking for healing, and employment.

Barbara C. • Posted on 3/30/2018 • General

Janiece has got a bad report from her Dr. Asking for healing.

Johnnie T. • Posted on 3/28/2018 • Miscellaneous

Thank you for ur prayers Iâ?Tm dwelling on the mountain top in my healing in my legs an the arthritis thatâ?Ts trying to attack my body I believe God for complete healing an also in I believe God for a financial blessing an God save my children an grandchildren an friend Mark an Ray I believe God for their salvation AMEN @ AMEN

Barbara C. • Posted on 3/28/2018 • General

My daughter Bianca is in an unsafe room mate situation. Pray for her safety, wisdom gudance and direction on how to get out quickly.