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JCFANS P. • Posted on 6/7/2017 • Death

Please Keep our Pastors & Family in Prayer. Pastor Willie Harper Dear Mother passed away. Let's Pray for Comfort & Strength in their time of Great loss.

Matthew 5:4
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Chucky C. • Posted on 6/3/2017 • General

Please pray for me and my family. Monday I have a very important meeting with actor,director, producer Bill Duke! I am so excited! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Tracy B. • Posted on 6/1/2017 • Crisis

Darryl Bailey Needs prayer for his health. Has cancer issues and needing God's miracle in his life!

Tracy B. • Posted on 6/1/2017 • Miscellaneous

Desmond Stewart, a childhood friend and minister in Christ asked we pray for his health, been on Kidney transplant list for years is seeking healing and blessing in his job endeavors for his company. He will be joining us on morning prayer and bible study.

Tracy B. • Posted on 6/1/2017 • Death

Griffin Family for recent loss of Mother Hilda this week.

Prayer Answered!

Monday, June 12, 2017: The Griffin family has had her Homegoing service and thanks all for their prayerful support. 🙌🏼

Tenise K. • Posted on 5/30/2017 • Salvation

Please pray for Mr. Timothy. He said he has cancer and he is homeless. Please pray for salvation & healing.

Tenise K. • Posted on 5/30/2017 • Death

Please pray for peace of mind & comfort for Rudy and Rosa. They lost their baby one week after birth.

Grace M. • Posted on 5/26/2017 • Crisis

Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,Lord please remove every pain from my mothers body,please pray for healing for my mothers lungs,Lord please touch my mothers lungs every infection I pray that god remove every infection every illness from my mothers body,lord I pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga in Jesus name amen

Leslie M. • Posted on 5/24/2017 • Salvation

Pray for Ellyo Campbell currently in hospital for salvation, healing, generational curses, and to have the revelation of who Jesus is.

Leslie M. • Posted on 5/24/2017 • Crisis

Father of Alairah and EJ Campbell in health crisis, in hospital. Having tests to stop bleeding. His name is Ellyo Campbell, lives in San Jose. Needs healing and salvation.