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Lajuanna B. • Posted on 5/5/2020 • General

Praise The Lord! My cousin Joan in Louisiana suffered a heart attack today. Please lift her up in prayer

Lajuanna B. • Posted on 4/27/2020 • General

Praise The Lord! Please remember my Aunt Leslie. Her cancer has returned and has spread to her brain; her health has taken a rapid decline, and her 3 children are very upset.

Lajuanna B. • Posted on 4/27/2020 • General

Praise The Lord! Please pray for my cousin Cleonia in Georgia she's been diagnosed with COVID-19

Leslie M. • Posted on 4/25/2020 • Petition

Prayer for Nancy (Leslie's cousin and BFF) for masses to go away. Dr. discovered 2 last week after she had to go to Emergency for bleeding. This miracle could be her break-through just like my healing miracle was in 1980 and so many other miracles I have witnessed. Thank you Jesus.

Prayer Answered!

Monday, May 11, 2020: Please continue to pray for Nancy- cancerous mass to be removed.

Tracy B. • Posted on 4/22/2020 • Crisis

Pray for Jen Milani Of Texas for healing over the Virus. She is a detention facility officer who got it while working. Also still pray for Ericka from Colorado over the virus too.

Tracy B. • Posted on 4/21/2020 • Crisis

Pray for Ericka who loves in Colorado. A niece of one of my friends. She has the virus and losing her sight while there also in ICU.

Karen D. • Posted on 4/20/2020 • General

Prayer for Janay and family she lost her Mother.

Karen D. • Posted on 4/20/2020 • General

Pray for Debrah Burrell husband Ray who had a stroke and is in the hospital.

Karen D. • Posted on 4/20/2020 • General

Pray for my daughter April Due and family.

Tenise K. • Posted on 4/16/2020 • Parenthood

Please pray for Grace and her daughter, Lovely. Lovely, age 6, has a very hard time sleeping. May God grant Lovely healing & peaceful rest throughout the night and speak to Grace's heart.