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Tenise K. • Posted on 10/4/2023 • Death

Please pray for Rhonda Gaulden and family. Rhonda's son died, suddenly.

Tracy B. • Posted on 2/7/2022 • Death

Pray for Sylvia and family in the passing of her father for strength and comfort.

Lynette W. • Posted on 12/8/2021 • Death

Please keep Sis. Barbara Williams & Family lifted up in Prayer..She loss her son Kobie Saturday..

Lynette W. • Posted on 12/4/2021 • Death

Prayer Request from Sis Barbara Williams;

Pray for Tillman and Williams family.
My son Kobie Tillman was shot and killed yesterday Dec. New Orleans La

Let's please Keep our Precious Sis. Barbara and Dear Family lifted in Prayer..

Matthew 5:4
4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Jcfans .. • Posted on 7/29/2021 • Death

Prayer request from pastor Maurice Dowdell family

Praise the Lord saints. Please Lift up my brothers mama Ms Lottie. I mentioned her and her husband on prayer last week as they both got Covid and were hospitalized. Ms Lotties husband died today. She getting better but is still sleep with the ventilator breathing for her primarily.

Tenise K. • Posted on 7/21/2021 • Death

Please pray for my neighbor, Kristen, and her family as they grieve the death of her grandfather.
The funeral is Wednesday the 20th. Pray for Salvation for Kristen and Phillip (her husband).
thank you.

Prayer Answered!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021: Kristen said that prayers were answered & Thank you [all] for your prayers.

Anonymous • Posted on 7/13/2021 • Death

Please pray for: Monroe, Dyanne, Dearie, Malik, Ronald, & Elijah-other family & friends, as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

Lynette W. • Posted on 6/10/2021 • Death

Please keep The Watts Family in your Prayers, Bro. Terry brother passed.

Lynette W. • Posted on 5/18/2021 • Death

Prayer Request from Pastor Roxane:
Please earnestly pray for Donna, Chris, Nancy and her dad Charles. Her mom passed.

Lynette W. • Posted on 5/17/2021 • Death

Please keep in Prayer our Faithful & Precious Sis. Donna, (Dad) Charles, (Sister) Nancy and (Son) Chris..her mother passed away..Please pray for their comfort & strength..