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ossie t. • Posted on 2/2/2016 • Education

Hello Pastor, this is Ossie and I have been on the line since we last spoke however the number 530-881-1212 with the ID 112-743-727 is no longer working. Pary for me to have a strong sense of myself with boundaries Pastoring!

Lutrician J. • Posted on 2/1/2016 • General

Good Morning!
Please uphold me before the Lord Jesus in prayer. Almost a year ago the docs wanted to give me a blood transfusion because I was an extreme anemic. I refused and tried natural remedies along with believing God will heal me. My hemoglobin level was a 6 when it should be 12 minimum for women. Since then, the highest I've gotten was a 10.6. I have a follow up on Feb 10 to see where I am. Please pray with me for the healing of my uterine fibroids which is the cause of my anemia. I am believing the Lord will dissolve them.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 1/31/2016 • Death

Please keep Sis. Karen & Family in Prayer, her mother passed away this morning.
Please Pray for comfort & strength in their time of great loss. Thanks..

JCFANS P. • Posted on 1/29/2016 • General

Prayers Request from Sis. Lynette:

Please continue to pray for my friend Sis. Rutha, she's still in a coma. Please pray for a miracle on her behalf, we know that Jesus can heal her completely. Please keep her 3 daughters in prayer for wisdom, direction and peace. Thanks.

Anonymous • Posted on 1/29/2016 • Drug Abuse

My sister Mary B. please stand intercession with our family for her recovery. Prayer is much needed. On a breathing machine

Deleted User • Posted on 1/28/2016 • General

prayer request from sister Kay

Can you please put Darrell Trotters family on the prayer list. His mother has COPD and has been given a little time to live. She's moving back into her home on hospice and is on a breathing machine and heart rate is low. Don't know if he was online tonight. And also pray for him specifically cuz he's having heart problems also. Thanks, love y'all. Psalm 85:10. Peace

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Karen T. • Posted on 1/26/2016 • General

Prayer for Johari Sims she has a brain tumor

JCFANS P. • Posted on 1/23/2016 • Suicide

Prayer request from Jasmine Francis:

Please pray for my former boss Tabitha Hoppes, her husband committed suicide ð???

Karen T. • Posted on 1/23/2016 • Crisis

Prayer for Khalil Owens in ICU, he was shot in the face early this morning

Prayer Answered!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016: Khalil is awoke and talking they have to remove the bullet on Wednesday.. He is in need of salvation!

Deleted User • Posted on 1/20/2016 • General

Prayer request from Martin from Augusta
Please keep Barbara Ann in prayer. For deliverance and healing of cancer

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