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Felicia W. • Posted on 7/21/2014 • General

Praise the Lord, requesting your prayers for Aretha, Maya, Kayla, Milan and myself as we travel outside of the country. Thank you Felicia.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 7/16/2014 • Suicide

Prayer request from Sis. Shareen:

Please pray for my friend Rahel, she has serious depression with suicidal thoughts. She needs deliverance and salvation.

Marjorie G. • Posted on 7/15/2014 • General

My nieces grandson is in the hospital again with three bladder infections and they are trying to find an antibiotic to treat all three. JoJo is only 3 years old and has been in the hospital several times in is short life. Please prayer for his healing.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 7/8/2014 • General

Prayer Request from Sis. Felicia:

Kayla's coworkers 17-yr old cousin His name is Keani George, diagnosed with T cell Leukemia on Wed July 2nd. Undergoing 3rd stage chemotherapy, lumbar puncture, and bone marrow surgery at 1pm today, July 8th with no

Felicia W. • Posted on 7/8/2014 • General

Hi, can you please pray for my co workers cousin.His name is Keani George,he's 17yrs old and was diagnosed with T cell Leukemia on Wed July 2nd. He's undergoing 3rd stage chemotherapy, lumbar puncture, and bone marrow surgery at 1pm today with no anesthesia

Anonymous • Posted on 7/8/2014 • Marriage

I would like prayer for myself, My name is Patricia and I am a woman in my early 30s, single who has had bad luck in finding the right man to marry and form a family with, as the years pass I have become disillusioned with the whole concept. My faith and hope have diminished and these last few days I have become depressed, nervous, anxious and even suicidal at the thought that I am going to grow old alone. Thank you

Keenysha S. • Posted on 7/8/2014 • General

I asking for two prayer request. 1. Healing in my body. 2. Favor with my job transfer within the next few weeks..

Thank you,
Keenysha Burrell

Keenysha S. • Posted on 7/8/2014 • General

Please pray for Anyta Archer she has cancer in the liver.

Ebony H. • Posted on 7/3/2014 • General

My name is Deacon Charles Hickerson, member of New Life Worship Cntr in stockton. Seeking prayer for my family, our finances, and a up coming surgery within nxt 6 weeks at Dameron hospital. I am diabetic and scheduled to hv the gastric bypass...I/WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS

JCFANS P. • Posted on 7/3/2014 • General

Prayer Request from Renee Supnet:

Requesting prayers for comfort and healing for loss of our son Nathan. God bless, and Thank youâ?¡