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patricia p. • Posted on 1/2/2015 • Career

My name is Nova and I would like prayer that I be blessed with a permenant employment. I was recently laid off and am currently freelancing as a TV journalist. I don't know what path the Lord may have for may but I pray I am aware and not miss his blessings. Thank you and God bless. Nova

Toni D. • Posted on 1/2/2015 • General

Pray for my dad who is scheduled to have a biopsy/surgery on Jan 15th. a nodule is present on his thyroid

Prayer Answered!

Friday, January 2, 2015: Thanks for your continued prayers for his salvation - he recognizes and said out loud that Maurice and I have the real Holy Ghost and true faith in Jesus!! All GLORY to Jesus! Pray for his complete deliverance

JCFANS P. • Posted on 1/1/2015 • Crisis

Special Prayer Request From Mother Sarah:

Please keep Mother Sarah's granddaughter Toija in Prayer. She had a liver transplant surgery many years ago and it is rejecting. She's losing her strength. Please Pray for her healing. Thank you.

Sharon M. • Posted on 12/31/2014 • General

Praise The Lord. Is the fast journal going to be posted online? I also want to thank God for JC Fans and my Mt.Olive family for all their prayers. I'm Grateful to have participated in the uplifting, encouraging, and strengthing prayer this year with JC Fans and all the saints of God. Please pray for the entire body of Christ as we endeavor to do the Lord's will in 2015. Let's go higher and Turn it up with more Love, Power, Praise, Prayer, Fasting, and Submission to God! Hallelujah.

Deleted User • Posted on 12/30/2014 • General

Pray for the Curry family. They lost their Aunt Janice in Chicago today. Pray for their comfort and peace. Also pray for deliverance and salvation for the entire family.

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Deleted User • Posted on 12/29/2014 • General

Pray for Michele's mother Carol Haynes for a miracle of healing and total deliverance.

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Deleted User • Posted on 12/29/2014 • General

Please pray for Donna's daughter and son, Chris and Angie. Pray for healing and salvation.

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Deleted User • Posted on 12/29/2014 • General

Pray for Mick and Vickie. He is in the hospital.

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Deleted User • Posted on 12/29/2014 • General

Prayer for Tenika Porters mother. She is in the hospital and needs deliverance from extreme high blood pressure. Pray that Jesus gives Tenika a miracle.

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Karen D. • Posted on 12/29/2014 • General

Pray for healing for Stephanie Fortune who has been sick, April Due healing she has been sick. Pray for Fortune family . Pray for Karen BELLARD bless and open doors in my job situation. Bless in April's job situation. Healing for Jason.