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Tracy B. • Posted on 2/25/2019 • Crisis

Pray for friend Adrienne Bonsario for favor not to lose her home and business over broken relationship. Mediation Tuesday 2/26 and she asked for supporting prayer.

Prayer Answered!

Thursday, February 28, 2019: God answered. She gets to keep all she was blessed with and she thanks all of you!

Jennifer R. • Posted on 2/21/2019 • General

My older sister Jody who rides a bicycle was hit by a car last night. No internal bleeding but maybe broken bones. Unsure right now, but wanting to lift her up for healing and a return to faith in God.

Roxane H. • Posted on 2/19/2019 • General

asking for prayer for Mr.: Andy Anderson to your PRAYER GROUP and PRAYER Lines Daily IT is Urgent and Mr. Anderson needs a MIRACLE

thank you KG

Shareen M. • Posted on 2/15/2019 • Miscellaneous

Please pray for Anthony's son he received burns on 25% of his body from a accident. Also pray that God will comfort him and help him deal with the guilt he is having right now.

Tracy B. • Posted on 2/13/2019 • General

Sis Camille Pete, Pastorâ??s wife needs physical healing. Has to miss church often for in so much pain and the medicine doesnâ??t seem to help in any way. Asking for complete deliverance.

Prayer Answered!

Friday, March 8, 2019: Please keep praying

Tracy B. • Posted on 2/13/2019 • Death

Pray for Dr Pat Williams and family in Lancaster Ca. Lost her oldest daughter suddenly and on her husbandâ??s(Patâ??s husband, daughterâ??s father) same birthday. Pat just survived breast cancer and removal of mammories. Struggling to hold up!

Karen D. • Posted on 2/5/2019 • General

Pray for Mother Stevenson.

Karen D. • Posted on 2/5/2019 • General

Please pray for the Brunn family who lost Mother/Grandma today.

Lajuanna B. • Posted on 1/28/2019 • General

Praise The Lord! Please keep lifting my dad (Bill Boykin) up in prayer. He's been struggling with breathing, and has been feeling extremely weak.

Tracy B. • Posted on 1/28/2019 • Death

Pray for Pastor Donald Pete for recent
Loss of his beloved aunt and for spiritual healing and strength. Also pray for his wife who suffers from severe back pain.

Prayer Answered!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019: Services was last Friday and he is doing well and being an example of strength