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Tenise K. • Posted on 5/30/2017 • Death

Please pray for peace of mind & comfort for Rudy and Rosa. They lost their baby one week after birth.

Grace M. • Posted on 5/26/2017 • Crisis

Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,Lord please remove every pain from my mothers body,please pray for healing for my mothers lungs,Lord please touch my mothers lungs every infection I pray that god remove every infection every illness from my mothers body,lord I pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga in Jesus name amen

Leslie M. • Posted on 5/24/2017 • Salvation

Pray for Ellyo Campbell currently in hospital for salvation, healing, generational curses, and to have the revelation of who Jesus is.

Leslie M. • Posted on 5/24/2017 • Crisis

Father of Alairah and EJ Campbell in health crisis, in hospital. Having tests to stop bleeding. His name is Ellyo Campbell, lives in San Jose. Needs healing and salvation.

Tracy B. • Posted on 5/24/2017 • Miscellaneous

So many changes and movements in my life. I want to know where God wants me to be-if He is leading me to start anew someplace else or just His will for me period. I desire to know for I feel like I don't have a clear answer and don't want to choose my will any longer. It only brings heartache and I wouldn't have made it without Him and who He has surrounded me with so I want to be careful and full know. Please pray for my son Pierre Jr. today is his birthday and I would long to hear from him.

Prayer Answered!

Monday, June 12, 2017: My son contacted me on his birthday via my wish on Facebook for his birthday and when in town, he made time to see me after avoiding me for almost three years. It was a healing visit and still praying for the same for the rest of my children. It was so nice to just hear his. Love and touch him and tell him I love him. Felt like a prodigal visit. Thank you Jesus!

Michele W. • Posted on 5/24/2017 • General

Please pray for my son-in-love's (Maurice: Ariel's husband)great grandmother Rose. They just found out she has stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to her lungs. She is in the hospital in intensive care. The entire family needs to be covered with a prayer for salvation, healing, generational curses, and to have the revelation of who Jesus is.
Thank you,
Sis. Michele

Tracy B. • Posted on 5/22/2017 • Crisis

Chris O'Hare and Inez Price. Cancer Healing.

Anonymous • Posted on 5/22/2017 • Miscellaneous

Please pray for restoration of my Four Children to my family; my relationship that has been broken and what God's will is there; my Father and Mother; the salvation of Reggie Jiles and Rick Watson and that God will help them overcome the needs in their lives; cancer healing for Chris O'Hare and Inez Price; my home and finances.

Chucky C. • Posted on 5/17/2017 • General

Please keep me and my family in prayers. Special prayers mor my sisters Debbie and Carlitha. Also my Mama And Dad. All of my brothers. Please keep Tonija, Toija and Tenise in prayer also. Keep my nephew Richard in your prayers. Pray for my brother Stevie and his family. Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless you all and us all. Amen.

Karen D. • Posted on 5/15/2017 • General

Pray for me this weekend was a hard weekend. Praying that God keeps me strong and covers me through it all.